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HIE holds 2022 Graduation Ceremony
time:2022-06-20        hits:

On the morning of June 20, graduates of class 2022 wore bachelor’s uniforms with bright smiles on their faces, and walked to the gymnasium non-stop to attend this grand banquet with HIE. This year, a total of 4,408 graduates successfully completed their studies and set sail from HIE to start a new journey of life. Party Secretary of HIE CPC committee Chen Yuetang, Deputy Party Secretary and President Yi Bing, Vice President Chen Chiping, Party Committee Member and Vice President Luo Yiping, Party Committee Member and Disciplinary Committee Secretary Qi Luliang, Party Committee Member and Vice President Zhang Xiaogang, Qian Xiang, Party Committee Member Zhang Hualing, representatives from functional departments and schools, alumni representatives, and parents representatives attended. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Xiaogang.

Yi Bing delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony with the title “Pursuing Dreams Gratefully, Approaching Future Practically”. He put forward three hopes for the graduates who are about to enter a new stage of life. First, he hopes that graduates will be brave men with firm beliefs and have the courage to pursue their dreams. Second, he hopes that graduates will be down-to-earth and courageous doers, take the initiative to step out of the “comfort zone”, and assume tasks with determination and perseverance. Third, he hopes that graduates will be good young people who are grateful to their motherland, parents, and alma mater. “Please remember, no matter how high you fly and how far you go in the future, No. 88 Fuxing East Road - Hunan Institute of Engineering will always be your spiritual station, spiritual home and strong support! ” Yi Bing’s affectionate speech won rounds of applause from the graduates.

For the graduates who are about to say goodbye to the school and run forward with longings, Chen Yuetang is full of exhortations. He put forward four hopes for the graduates. First, they should always maintain the ability to think carefully and discriminately, make a clear judgment and rational choice between right and wrong, and live up to the great era. Second, they should be diligent in learning, continue to innovate, and strive to become a trend-setter in the big era with the theme of “change”. Third, they should uphold the spirit of the school motto of "Making Steady Efforts, Dare to Be the First" with an open mind, set great ambitions, take on great responsibilities, and write a chapter of life worthy of the times with a progressive attitude. Fourth, they should be guided by ideals, supported by faith, and adhere to kindness, justice, diligence and wisdom.

After the graduation ceremony, graduates took photos together. Every hug, every group photo, every look at each other, all reveal the reluctance to part with the four-year campus life and HIE. Carrying the blessing of their alma mater, they will take their dreams as horses, live up to their age, and open a new chapter in their lives.

(Reviewed by Wang Jiayi, Gong Qian)

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