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Deepen Reform and Promote High-Quality Faculty Construction
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During the 13th Five-Year Plan, adhering to the principle of people-orientation, HIE has been promoting comprehensively the strategy of "Strengthening The School With Talents", and pursuing connotative development. In order to provide strong talent support for the school's "Double First-Class" discipline construction, based on moral education, HIE has been committed to improving teaching quality with the needs of major development, teaching and management as prerequisites.

HIE has actively implemented the "Opinions on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Construction of Teachers in the New Era" by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, thoroughly studied and implemented the "Ten Guidelines for Professional Behavior of College Teachers in the New Era", and established a leading group and working group for the development of teacher ethics and style. HIE has always been focusing on the ideological and political inspection links in the work of talent introduction, teacher qualification, and professional title review, and fully implemented the "One-Vote Veto System" of teacher ethics and style. HIE will continue strengthening the daily supervision of teacher ethics and style, and establish an effective mechanism for reporting on teacher ethics issues.

In the past five years, the total number of full-time teachers in the school has increased from 763 to 1083, a net increase of 320 with an increase ratio of 41.9%; the number of full-time teachers with a master's degree has increased from 581 to 927, accounting for 85.6% of the total number of full-time teachers. The number of full-time teachers with doctoral degrees increased from 133 to 284, a net increase of 151, and the increase ratio reached 113.5%. At the same time, 6 well-known scholars at home and abroad were flexibly introduced, including 1 academician.

HIE has deepened the reform of the performance salary distribution system, established a performance- and contribution-oriented distribution system so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of various faculties; in order to encourage young talents to devote themselves to teaching and research, the school has set up key posts for school recruitment, thus, qualified young doctors can get a performance salary equivalent to professors.

During this period, the school has been approved for full-level independent review of professional and technical titles for teachers in higher education institutions, continuously improved the talent evaluation and incentive mechanism, promoted the reform of the title system, and established a talent cultivation-based, moral-, ability- and performance-guided, and qualitative- and quantitative- combined assessment system.

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