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Congrats! HIE Was Awarded The 2020 "Civilized Campus" In Hunan Province
time:2021-03-25        hits:

On March 25, the 2020 Hunan Provincial Civilized City, Civilized Campus and other advanced models were commended at the Hunan Province Spiritual Civilization Commendation Conference. HIE was awarded the title of "Civilized Campus" in Hunan Province.

In 2020, on the basis of being awarded the "Hunan Province Civilized College", HIE has actively carried out the construction of "Hunan Province Civilized Campus" by integrating civilization into the top-level design of the school, into reform and development, into teacher ethics and style, and into talents cultivation. Additionally, HIE has been committed to enriching activity carriers, building cultural brands, strengthening infiltration and infection, and creating a good education environment. Good results have been achieved in civilization construction.

The honorary title of "Civilized Campus" in Hunan Province this time constitutes the achievement of HIE campus culture construction over the years. HIE will take this opportunity to further construct a civilized campus and create a beautiful environment for educating people. Also, it will strive to build itself into a high-level application-oriented engineering college with distinctive features suitable for learning, teaching, and research.

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