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HIE students won 1st prize in the 2021 Hunan Collegiate Financial Big Data Application Ability Contest
time:2021-12-26        hits:

The 2021 Hunan Collegiate Financial Big Data Application Ability Contest closed on December 25. Our students won one first prize and two third prizes. This was the first time for our university to win the first prize since we had participated in this event in 2018.

The theme of the Hunan Collegiate Financial Big Data Application Ability Contest is to take the investment and financing decision-making as the main task and use big data technology to make data analysis and project decision on investment risk, financing risk and operation management. The whole event is divided into three stages: the internal selection competition, the online qualification competition and the final. After the event was launched, the College of Management attached great importance to it and organized it carefully, and used Tencent Classroom, arranged technical knowledge lectures, invited experts to answer questions and solve problems, etc., so as to carry out a series of training for financial big data application ability improvement. After the internal selection competition and the province-wide online qualification competition, finally three teams from our university were shortlisted for the final of the provincial competition. After 180 minutes’ intense competition, the three teams representing our university fully carried out the teamwork and fighting spirit and won good results. The first team of HIE composed of Yu Pengcheng, Chen Hao, Li Haibo, Wen Ying, and etc. (instructors: Liu Ximei and Liao Wenjun) won the first prize; the second team of HIE composed of Jin Jiarong, Jiang Rou, Zhou Xinping, Yao Siyu, and etc. (instructors: Wang Ran and Huang Wenya) and the third team of HIE composed of Tang Yushun, Tang Xiang, Cai Yanghong, Long Depei and etc. (instructors: Liao Wenjun and Liu Xiangling) won the third prizes.

It is reported that this contest is hosted by the Education Department of Hunan Province, undertaken by Hunan University of Finance and Economics, co-organized by Business Practice Teaching Professional Committee of Hunan Higher Education Association, and provided with competition platform and technical support by Hunan Zhong De An Pu Big Data Network Technology Co., Ltd. 81 teams and 324 undergraduates from 29 universities in the Hunan province, including Central South University, Hunan University and Hunan Normal University, participated in the final stage of the contest.

(Checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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