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HIE students published academic papers in Nano Energy
time:2022-03-16        hits:

Recently, Liao Xinwen, a junior from the School of Mechanical Engineering, published a research paper titled " Snap-through triboelectric nanogenerator with magnetic coupling buckled bistable mechanism for harvesting rotational energy " in Nano Energy. The corresponding authors of the paper are Chen Zewen and Gan Chongzao, both are students of HIE.

In order to actively explore a new application-featured education mode for undergraduates in local colleges and universities, the “Zhichuang” University Student Science and Technology Innovation Laboratory of the School of Mechanical Engineering of HIE was established by Dr. Hongxiang Zou in 2018, aiming to further implement the spirits of the "Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan", cultivate high-level application-oriented talents, as well as temper students' ideological character and professional skills through scientific research and work. Since the establishment of the laboratory, students have won more than 20 innovation practice projects and awards above the provincial level, applied for/authorized more than 10 national invention patents, and published more than 10 academic papers in authoritative journals and important conferences at home and abroad. All members of “Zhichuang” participated in various scientific research projects, and the proportion exceeded 90%, thus, a group of outstanding students emerged.

In 2021, by virtue of this lab, HIE was approved as the "Intelligent Machinery Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for General Colleges and Universities in Hunan Province". In the future, the scientific-research-based talents cultivation mode will be continued to explore and innovate education methods, so as to provide high-level application-oriented talents with innovative practical ability for further building an innovative country and implementing the strategy of "San Gao Si Xin".

(checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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